Rosacea Treatment and Facial Red Threadvein Removal

Rosacea is a common, chronic, poorly understood skin condition, usually occurring on the face, which predominantly affects fair-skin but may affect all skin types. It is more common in women but when affecting men, it is often more severe.

Rosacea and Facial Threadveins

Symptoms of rosacea often begin with episodes of flushing, where the skin turns red. But as the condition progresses, other symptoms can appear such as burning and stinging sensations, permanent redness, spots and small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible. Simple threadveins on the face typically appear around the side of the nose, inside the nostrils and across the cheeks. The face is also a common site to develop small red vascular blemishes or “broken veins”. Dr Mac can offer a complete treatment programme to help treat rosacea and effectively reduce the red appearance as well as treat the threadveins and vascular blemishes simply, effectively and permanently using ThermaVein.
The initial consultation will result in a bespoke plan to treat your rosacea and simple facial veins and blemishes can be treated in as little as 15 minutes.
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