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Private GP services

We are very pleased to be offering private GP services at the Perrymount clinic in Haywards Heath and Bodymatters in Steyning. If you have a worry whether it be physical or psychological, or even if you want a check up or just a chat with a friendly, approachable GP then please book an appointment. You can book 30 or 60 min appointments to discuss your concerns in a confidential, caring environment.


30 mins £100

60 mins £180

Joint injections

Initial consultation £120

Follow up consultation £100

Dr Emily MacDonald is a fully qualified and registered doctor. You can check her registration here at by entering her name and GMC number (6052850).

Is an appointment with Dr MacDonald right for you? 

I can discuss and review any problems you feel you may have. I can talk through your concerns, perform general health checks, examinations, joint injections, discuss any test results, issue private prescriptions if required and recommend further investigations if they are necessary.

I can signpost you in the right direction for further management whether that be seeing someone in the clinic here or referring you to a private consultant. I can also provide you with letters for your own records or to take to you own NHS GP so that your treatments may continue there if you wish. I may suggest blood tests or X-rays and ultrasounds but I wont arrange these.

Your NHS entitlement to care is not affected and you can switch between seeing me and your NHS GP without any problems. Bear in mind that I wont have access to any of your NHS medical records so if your wish to discuss any investigations or blood test results you have then please do bring a copy with you.