Lip fillers can create volume and definition as well as delete some of the sigs of aging. It can also be used to correct any asymmetries.


(J dermal fillers)

This procedure involves injection of a dermal filler specific for the lips. The technique can create volume and definition. It can also be used to correct any asymmetries. The effects are immediate, and you can carry on with your day as normal.

The results are immediate and the effect can last from 6-12 months depending on the type of filler used and how quickly your body breaks the filler down.


The procedure takes around 15- 30 minutes. Slight swelling from the injections is normal afterwards and settles over the proceeding 2-3 days leaving you with your desired effect. This can be voluptuous fuller looking lips, lifts at the corners, removal of smoker’s lines, more defined borders or simply just a bit of the fullness you have lost with age. Occasionally small bruising can occur but it resolves quickly.

It is not considered to be a painful procedure, but it can feel uncomfortable to some. Local anaesthetic cream can be applied beforehand to numb the area.