In the Press


There has been plenty of negative exposure in the press recently. The administration of anti wrinkle injections and fillers are unfortunately, totally unregulated.This means that anyone can inject these substances. They are all prescription only medications which means that in order for you to have this treatment they can only be prescribed for you personally by a qualified “prescriber” (these are doctors, some nurses and some pharmacists). This prescription should only be written after a face to face consultation with the prescriber. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people who will administer fake products at “bargain” prices and despite the rules to the contrary, there will be prescribers who will prescribe these medications without ever laying eyes on you and taking the word of someone else.

Furthermore there are currently hundreds of available anti wrinkle and filler products available in this country. In America there are only 15 that have passed stringent tests of safety. Remember these products are genuinely expensive and so if you’re being offered cheap prices and it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Dr Emily MacDonald is a fully qualified and registered doctor. You can check her registration here at  and entering her name and GMC number (6052850).

Dr MacDonald only uses the best and safest products on the market. 

Doctors in the UK are governed by the GMC. In order to practice and stay registered we must prove that we stay up to date and sufficiently qualified. We do this every year in a lengthy appraisal process. Every 5 years we undergo revalidation which means that NHS England review our appraisals over this time and decide whether we are fit to remain practising. This means that we have to prove ourself qualified in all aspects of our work whether it is general practice or facial aesthetics. We also have to follow general medical principles, a bit like the Hippocratic oath. Should we act irresponsibly, against the code of good medical practice, then we face being struck off the medical register.  Dentists and nurses  have their own governing bodies and will also have regulations. Anyone else who administers these products is not regulated and has little or no consequence to bad practice; they literally have nothing to lose.