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1. Not all providers are created equal: It goes without saying that popping into your local beauticians and getting an injection into your face is not really a well thought out plan. But the same can be said for doctors, dentist and nurses too. Take care to check out the providers qualifications and experience. Botox is safe but only in trained and experienced hands and Fillers required care and attention in their use and placement in order to create a beautiful look. Nobody wants a trout pout!

2. Don’t be persuaded: Make sure you feel comfortable with what you want to have done. You don’t need to have 3 areas of your face treated if you only wanted 1 or 2. You don’t need big doses given if you don’t want the Hollywood freeze and were after a more subtle look. You don’t need cheek fillers if you only wanted your lips a bit plumper. Ultimately, it is your decision on how you look and how much you spend. Hard sell is the remit of the unscrupulous, the greedy and the lazy and is against the General medical council’s code of good practice for any qualified doctor. Be warned that unregistered, uninsured and ungoverned providers have no rules to follow and have no accountability for their actions.

3. Avoid the assembly lines: we have all been made aware of the high street attempts to grab our business, the likes of big name high street chemists offering speedy lunchtime injections. But what do you know of your injector and more importantly, what do they know about you? You need to feel safe and be comfortable. Make sure that your provider has taken time to take a full medical history, assess your face and discuss what your ideals and goals are. You are not a plastic doll having a spray paint; your are an individual with your own unique facial anatomy and your own set of desires and expectations. Be treated with the respect you deserve and have your bespoke treatment plan.

4. Prices are important: Be wary of the too good to be true bargain. Botox and fillers are expensive products so if you’re being offered a real bargain the chances are it is a cheap or even fake alternative to the genuine product.

5. Check out the facilities: They need to be clean, hygienic, permanent and professional. Pop up shops, someone’s front room, their garage or Botox parties in your own front room are not recommended for these types of procedure. Qualified doctors are governed by strict regulations where once again, those that don’t have regulatory bodies have no guidance. Popping into the back room of your local hairdresser is not recommended.

6. Know and understand your definition of beauty: spend time talking about what you want, how you want to look and importantly, how you want to feel afterwards. You don’t need to to commit until you are entirely happy, its your face after all! Subtle enhancement of your natural beauty is the ideal so stay away if you’re being persuaded to have an over-done look.


There are new government recommendations being introduced at the end of this month. Hopefully the general awareness of the pitfalls of bad procedures by poorly qualified people will be in the public domain. In the meantime, however, do what you need to do to feel confident and happy with your chosen treatments. Your are most definitely worth it!

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