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Sleigh bells ring… are you listening…. Botox for Christmas is just the beginning…

I can see it now…twinkling tree lights, chestnuts and crackling fires, christmas baubles hanging daintily from windows and wreaths adorning the doors. If we are lucky there may even be a dusting of snow.

Now you’ve got your eye on that lovely little sparkly number and your shoes rock! Time to party; well almost. Your summer glow has all but gone and they grey tiredness of winter has taken its toll. Top that with all the frantic activities that lead up to Christmas and let’s not even start on the one too many from the night before.

BANG… your party bubble has popped before you’ve even got started. A tired face stares back at you from the bathroom mirror and you can swear you didn’t have grey hairs and lines a year ago despite lathering on that Oh so expensive night cream you keep hidden in case your beloved asks you how much it cost!!

Worry not!! We all know how busy life gets and what the stresses of daily routines can do our skin and general appearance. So may I suggest a little bit of Botox! This is the season to be jolly after all.

Botox can smooth out those forehead wrinkles and worry lines and take years off. It can smooth out laughter lines and deep groves around the brow with minimal time and discomfort. It wont leave you with a frozen face and doesn’t cause any real discomfort. (It’s not much more than those face creams either!)

Not only does it physically improve your appearance but it also lifts your spirits. Proven to make you happy, Botox can also really support your sense of well-being. After all, what can be more uplifting than spending a bit of time, away from the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, family chaos and work, to look after yourself for half an hour. You can improve your sense of confidence and wellbeing knowing you have given yourself a reward for all your hard work this year and you can stop the clock for Christmas and welcome in the new year with a bright new you.

What could you possibly be waiting for? Book a free consultation and come and see what your new best kept secret might be.