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1. Botox is unsafe.
Let’s get this straight, Botox is not Botulism (food poisoning). Neither is it poison (which means if a snake had Botox venom and it bit you, you would die). And it is not made from ghost ectoplasm (not quite sure what that means but if Ghostbusters is any indication, all I can think of is… messy).

It is called a toxin but that’s because it is a purified protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and that’s the name the Greeks coined for substances derived from a life form that can alter the function of another living thing.

Botox is actually a very safe “prescription only” medicine. It has been used in medical practice since the 1960’s and has been researched for many years more. In medicine it is used to treat migraines, excess sweating, leaky bladders and squints. In aesthetic medicine we use the properties of the Botox to relax the muscles of the face to smooth out the wrinkles.

If it is administered carefully by a qualified, trained medical practitioner then the risk of these injections is very small.

2. Botox will give me a “frozen” expressionless face.
In the words of Disney’s Elsa, “Let it GO”. This is simply not true if it is done well.

We all know the look of bad Botox; miles of expansive shiny forehead, or the evil “Spock” brow. The result of good Botox is a smooth relaxation of the wrinkles across the forehead, in between the eyes (the frown lines) and around the eyes (the crow’s feet). The brow can be gently lifted to raise the sag in the eyelids and re-define the eye. It can also be used to help correct small specific imperfections like an uneven brow or a deep forehead crease. There wont be quite as much movement in the muscle as you had before but you can still look surprised at your birthday party or angry at the Brexit negotiations.

Carefully placed injections in small doses can create a subtle understated look that makes you look and feel great. Unless you tell them, your family and friends wont be able to put their finger on what has changed.

3. Botox injections hurt.
Now I know pain is different for everyone but facial Botox really isn’t that sore. It’s nicknamed the “lunchtime procedure” precisely because you can nip out, have a few injections, and nip back to work without anyone noticing. You could hardly do that if you had to walk back in to the office groaning and clutching your face.

There is a very small stinging sensation as the needle initially goes in and then, after that, nothing much! If you are needle phobic or very anxious about it then you can choose to have some numbing cream applied before hand but this is rarely needed.

4. Botox can erase all of my wrinkles.
Sadly not. There are 2 types of lines: dynamic wrinkles which develop from movement of your facial muscles and static wrinkles which are due to gravity, lifestyle, ageing and sun exposure.

The dynamic wrinkles of your face are the forehead, frown, bunny lines (think wrinkled nose) and crow’s feet around the eyes. These can all be reduced or even more popularly now, prevented with the use of Botox. (Yes, you did read that correctly: prevent your wrinkles from getting started by having Botox when the lines start showing, before they sit there permanently when you are not pulling a face!!)

The static lines are the folds that develop around the cheek and nose, the puppet lines below the mouth and lipstick lines around the lips. They result from age and gravity and don’t respond much to Botox. These are better treated with the plumping affects of fillers.

5. Botox is addictive.
Wrong again. There is no known physical addiction to Botox. It may be that you really love how you look and feel and want it done again, but that, I am sure you can agree, is not quite the same thing!

6. If you stop getting Botox you will look older than you did at the start.
Definitely not. Botox prevents the worsening of your existing wrinkles, or prevents the lines that appear when you make a facial expression from appearing when you aren’t making that face anymore. If you stop having Botox the effects of the muscle relaxation will ware off and you will be left looking exactly as you did when you started.

7. Botox is for older women.
Botox is actually for anyone over the age of 18 years, with signs of fine lines and wrinkles; MEN and WOMEN alike. If you are not showing any signs of ageing yet then you don’t need it and don’t be told otherwise but if those lines are starting then yes, it is for you. Commonly women in their early 30’s start having Botox but younger people who are showing those lines earlier are having treatments as a preventative measure. And yes, men have it too. The term “Brotox” was tried but it didn’t really take off… Can’t imagine why!!!!