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Have you ever wondered if that woman in the coffee shop has had Botox? Or if Whatsername on the school gates has had her lips done? Well, if you cant quite tell but you think they look well, or maybe just rested after a lovely summer holiday not doing school runs or fighting the commuters to work…maybe both, then the answer could be “yes”.

BUT, and here is the big BUT, its likely to be good Botox and well done fillers. If you’re asking this same question whilst standing on the station platform totally mesmerised by your neighbours shining forehead and their enormous pout, then you really don’t need to be asking the question.

Now we are all entitled to make choices about how we look, how we age and what we want to do about it. So I’m not here to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do. I’m not here to make you feel like you need something done either. (And I am certainly not going to be judgemental about the decisions of the likes of the occupants of Love Island or more accurately on the decisions of the practitioners that helped “create” their, lets say,  special look. Nope, I’m going to leave that judgement to you!)

I want to debunk some of the myths and tell you what the potential for these treatments are. We do all often have little things that bother us or make us feel a bit, well, less than. The beauty of these treatments is they can often subtly correct these little niggles, smooth out some of those deep lines and fill out some of problem areas.

My belief is that whilst these treatments are marketed and aimed at making you look better, ultimately these treatments can make you feel better and you really are worth it.

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